Presentation Material

Adoption of HL7 Standards in Taiwan

Chien-Tsai Liu

Some interactions between MLMs PHR and vocabulary standards and hopes for simple data capture standard

Clement J. McDonald

Ontological Model and Approaches in the Integrated Biomedical Database Project (IBMD)

Hiroshi Tanaka

HL7 Tenplates Registry : Business Requirements Project

Mark Shafarman

Global Health Information Technology SDO Harmonization

Yun Sik Kwak, MD, PhD

Evaluation of Approaches to Adoption of LOINC used by Seven Hospitals in Taiwan

Liang-Wen Wang

Implementation of an IHE ATNA-Based Electronic Health Record System

Tai-Ling Tsai

Continuity of Care Document (CCD) USA Health Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP)

John Quinn

Interoperable Information System for National BioBank of Korea

Byoung-Kee Yi

What is a Patient? Codes for Clarity

Frank Oeming, Bernd Blobel

Japanese Approach to ICD Revision

Kazushi Yamauchi

HL7 Laboratory Massaging through SOA Infrastructure (HLMSI)

Mehtab Alam, Muhammad Afzal, Maqbool Hussain, Hafiz Farooq Ahmad

HL7 for semantic interoperability: What follows HDF and SAEAF?

Bernd Blobel,PhD.,Associate Professor

Implementation of a Healthcare system integrated with devices and services using standards

C.H.Chen, C.Y. Wang, T.Y. Lai

Australian e-Health Projects

Klaus Veil

The Dutch Approach

Ir.Michael Tan

The Study of Standard-Based Electronic Case Report Form Design System

Chun-Chiao Huang, Der-Ming Liou

National Projects Requiring HL7 Standards

Il Kon Kim,PhD

Design and Implementation of an Automation Tool for HL7 RIM-TO-RELATIONAL Database Mapping

Shagufta Umer, Muhammad Afzal, Maqbool Hussain,Hafiz Farooq Ahmad, Khalid Latif

Japan Medical Ontology Development Project for Advanced Clinical

Takeshi Imail, Hiroko Kou, Jun Zhou, Kouji Kozaki, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Kazuhiro Ohe

Practical Harmonisation common sense is possible


Secure Web Service Transportation for HL7 V3.0 Messages

Somia Razzaq, Maqbool Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, HafizFarooq Ahmad

Towards Semantic Process Interoperability

Wajahat Ali Khan, Maqbool Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Khalid Hatif, Hafiz Farooq, A.M Khattak

SNOMED CT and Semantic interoperability

Colleen Brooks, Bevery Knight

Use of GELLO v.1.x, GLIF 3.5 SNOMED-CT and EN 13606 archetypes

Peter Scott, Andrew Mclntyre, Jarrod Davision, Peter Tattam

An Implementation of Arden Syntax in a Service-oriented Architecture

Tatsukawa Akimichi, Kawazoe Yoshimasa, Ohe Kazuhiko

The Future of Health Level Seven

W. Ed Hammond,Ph.D.,FACMI, FAIMBE

Terminologies and Classifications Health Data Interoperability and the ICD

Christopher G. Chute, MD DrPH

National Projects with HL7 in Japan

Ken Toyoda

How nice it is to have HL7 standardized storage

Michio Kimura,MD, PhD

The REUSE project: EMR as single datasource for biomedical research

P-Y Lasic,Phd,

Laboratory Messaging Interoperability Using HL7 V3.0

Maqbool Hussain

Implementing a PHR System for Knowledge Sharing based on IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing and Ontology

Yi-Tinf Chou

Welcome to Kyoto, Japan

Michio Kimura,MD, PhD